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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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Slacker's Docbook contains scripts and stylesheets for building courseware at Suffolk University's Department of Computer Science. This project includes a preprocessor written in Python that produces different versions of a document (textbook/slides/solutions/instructor notes) from a single source, using Docbook/XML as the output format. The XML grammar, Slacker's Docbook, is a strict superset of Docbook/XML.
Summary A prepocessor for writing Docbook/XML courseware
Category techcomm
License CollabNet/Tigris.org Apache-style license
Owner(s) ezust

Slacker's Docbook



Slacker's Docbook is yet another Docbook preprocessor. It is a document format, plus scripts, stylesheets and libraries for converting documents into standard Docbook/XML. Bulleted lists, conditional processing, subdocument and sourecode example inclusions, easy incorporation of images, and a host of other commonly faced problems are solved by Slacker's Docbook. In particular, it can be used to develop multiple versions (such as a textbook and overhead slides) of a document from a single source. This system was designed for writing computer science courseware (tutorials, assignments, exams), so it well suited for writing books that contain many sourcecode examples.

This is a self-documenting document about how to write self-documenting documentation. It was written in XML, but you are probably reading it in EPUB, HTML or PDF, after it has gone through a number of transformations, including Docbook XML as an intermediate file format.

This project is hosted on Slackerdoc.Tigris.org. From there, you can gain access to file releases, as well as the subversion repository. You are welcome to join the project if you wish to contribute.

We include the next sections using XInclude directives, which is done independently of slacker's docbook, to join together child documents into a larger whole. Note <include> tag reformats included files as program listings, in contrast to XInclude's version in the xi namespace.